Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tuna Goo

Mix together some freshly
cracked pepper, Tabasco and

2 Tbsp Miracle Whip
Miracle Whip

1 Tbsp Dill relish
Dill Relish

1/2 cup Roma tomatoes,
seeded and diced
Roma Tomatoes (seeded & diced)

1/4 cup Red onion
Red onion

2 Celery stalks

12 oz solid white
albacore tuna in water
-- rinsed well & drained
Albacore Tuna (solid white, in water) -- Rinse it well

and you get 4 servings
of tuna goo
Tuna Goo :-)

which you can serve in
lettuce cups or on
toasted dill rye or as my
spousal unit likes to do
scooped up using
Fritos Scoops.

The goo alone is 3 pts per serving.


  1. You could leave out the green & Doc would like it! Maybe.

  2. Would you be my personal chef? Please?

    There's no app for that.

  3. *grin* Deal! But! You have to move somewhere warmer!

  4. Wow, I'm trying to eat fish again and this is the first fish dish I've actually liked the look of. Might have to try it, thanks! x

  5. Dag-nabit; I'm hungry now...