Mrs Beans, her sweet spousal unit, 3 cats and a variety of strays.

I observe.  I write.  I don't like a lot of words.

I'm originally from Oahu.
Lived in Maryland, South Carolina and many years
in a variety of towns
in Germany.
Have also lived in California
and now in Oregon.

Beans, as in human beans because I'm owned by my cats and that's what they call us peeplz.

I love cats, I'm a real bleeding-heart for strays.
I have a soft spot for hungry children and hungry animals.
I can relate to Howie Mandel's OCD.
I enjoy word games.
I love spicy food.
I'm fairly sociable yet also unsociable.
I don't particularly like to travel but I enjoy seeing new places.
I'm getting grumpier as I get older.
I'm also getting chubbier.
I'm touched easily.